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Guide to Purchasing A Used Vehicle | Bakersfield Used Cars 

A Complete Guide to Purchasing A Used Vehicle

A Complete Guide to Purchasing A Used Vehicle

Getting yourself a used car doesn't save you a fortune in depreciation but brings you one step closer to your dream car. Buying a new car can sound like a dream, but getting the same model for a fraction of the price? Sounds too good to be real, and it sometimes is. Getting a used car can often be a risky task to read on, so in this blog, we have discussed a few points that will help you know what to look for when buying yourself a used car. 

Figure Out Your Finances

A car is a significant investment, so before getting your hands muddy, it is crucial to work out the details and come up with a budget. Once a budget is set, make sure you stick to it! To stay on top of things, figure out the best way to finance your car. 

For instance, many people opt for a personal loan, while others prefer cold hard cash transactions. Once the deposit is put down, plan the monthly payments that work well for you.

Stay Up To Date With Market Rates

When looking for used cars for sale in Bakersfield, or anywhere in the world for that matter, remember that it's not a one-day job. Once you're deciding on getting a car, that's when the work starts. Make sure you research and check online for how much a used car costs these days to keep your expectations in check. 

The best part of this practice is when you actually set foot in the market or visit a dealership in Bakersfield, you'll know if you're getting a fair price.

Check Necessary Documentation

Checking paperwork can be overwhelming. It is vital to ensure that the listed keeper is selling the vehicle from the address stated in the V5C Logbook and then to check the logbook registration number against the one on the car. 

While there are many Bakersfield used cars for sale, we only sell vehicles with complete and proper documents; however, we recommend looking for any discrepancies in the service record and checking the sales receipt that proves ownership of the vehicle. 

Inspect The Vehicle

When inspecting the vehicle, ensure you go on a good sunny day since rain and streetlights can hide a lot one might notice in broad daylight. 

An older vehicle is bound to have scuffs here and there, so make sure you take your time to inspect each and every panel at ease. Check if the interior of the vehicle is up to speed, if all the windows work alright and if the air conditioner functions correctly!

Check the tires and check for dents and scratches. Also, check the panel gaps and fluid levels to make sure the car you're getting is in the best condition possible.

Take A Test Drive

It is of utter importance for a car to run and handle properly and perform according to expectations. Make sure that the car starts easily, there aren't any unusual sounds coming from the engine or brake and that the steering doesn't pull to one side in particular. 

And before setting off on a test drive, make sure you have insurance in order in case things go south. 

Check For Accidental Damage

There are signs one can pick up on that indicate that a vehicle has seen its fair share of fender-benders. As mentioned previously, checking panels is very important. If the panels don't align properly, this might mean that the car has had bodywork done due to accidents in the past. 

Look for ripples in the bodywork, which might mean that it has not only been damaged but repaired poorly with filler that is not magnetic.  

Check Service And Used Car History

A thorough service record is advantageous when purchasing a used vehicle. Depending on the cost, age, and type of car, it may or may not be significant. 

These investigations mainly show whether the car's history contains any unreported inconsistencies, such have been written off. According to studies, up to one in four vehicles have a hidden history, which might include being stolen, written off, or having unpaid debt (which could cost you dearly). Mileage discrepancies could indicate that the car has been clocked, and the mileage has intentionally been wound back, but it's important to understand that even a complete history would tell you completely everything about a car. 

Finalize The Deal

Make sure that all agreements are made in writing, with a receipt that both parties are able to sign and keep a copy of when you have come to a pricing agreement and are planning to purchase a car. It should include information on the car, the price, the terms of the deal, and also the names and details of the seller and the buyer.

When it comes to making the payment, there shouldn't be any issues if you're buying from a respectable dealer. And always remember never to take a large sum of money to purchase a vehicle.

Make Sure Your Purchase Sparks Happiness

Sure, budget plays a part in the kind of car you get, but it doesn't play a part in the choice. Even on a limited budget, there are options available. A pragmatic approach to getting a vehicle that works and will stick by your side is important but don't forget to ask yourself if the car sparks at least some joy. We spend so much time in transit that it's important to prioritize happiness and understand that good things happen when we feel good!

Now that you have a complete guide on how to purchase the best-used car, don't look any further. Visit Bakersfield Used Cars and start your journey toward getting yourself a pre-owned car.

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